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Question about my Ipanemabrown attempt
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# 05.02.2018 - 15:44:50

hi all,
i am restoring my technics 1210 and painting it in ipanema brown. it's almost all done. i have did in sequence:

scrap to metal,
3 layers of primer and light sanding
3/4 coats of paint
4 coats of 2k clear coat (used this http://www.motipdupli.com/en/INT/pr...rosols-putty/painting/ipg-1240.html)

i havent sanded the paint cause it was metallic and after have tried it was messing up the metallic effect.

the result after the clear coat is not bad in itself (look at the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/26l5DH2rjvWrdntE3 and https://photos.app.goo.gl/26l5DH2rjvWrdntE3) and it very glossy

the orange peel effect is not so evident as in the photos but it's there and also the surface is pretty smooth to the touch.

however, i was wondering to wet sand the surface to smooth out the little remaining imperfections and try to get the smooth and total glossy finish as in the works of kaype.

I have tried to wet sand with 1500grit a small spot on the back but it seems that it makes the clear coat to lose the glossy effect. I dont know if this depends on the type of clear coat i have used...

and about the orange peel effect... do you think that it is due to the clear coat not properly sanded or due to the finish of the primer/paint layers?

Do you think i can accomplish a finer finish? Again, even as it is now, i'm pretty satisfied with my results considering that it's my first attempt and it's done with cans, but i would like to get some opinion by others if it is possible to improve... do you have any suggestions?

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# 08.02.2018 - 10:42:46

sorry, no idea, i had all my paintjobs done by a profesionall car paintshop.

But looks nice so far! :good:

greetings, Fabian