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[How to] 12x0 - changing the Tonearm

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# 08.04.2008 - 09:16:47

Hi all,

please excuse my "bad" english... and correct me if anyting is such wrong that you cant live with.

Click the Pictures for bigger ones!


- soldering iron & solder
- Screwdriver for slotscrews
- Screwdriver for x-screws (Head PH2)
- universal pliers
- nippers

- New Tonearm - aprox. 80 Euro
- Maybe a new Audiocord

First of all, disassamble the whole Tonearmunit, therefor turn arround your deck, remove all screws and open it. Remove the Plasticwight inside and remove the tonearmunit by unscrew the 3 screws around the unit.


Go for it:


New and old Tonearm

- Remove the 4 screws and open the cableclip with the slot screwdriver

- remove the cableclip with the nipper

- unsolder all cables an remove the groundwire with the nipper

- unscrew the cable PCB

- unscrew the 2 screws with the x-screwdriver ... they hold the Tonearm

- remove the old tonearm and throw it away

- unscrew the Lift with the slot screwdriver and pull out the lever with a hitch

- remove the retainer and the washer

- remove the 2 screws of the tonearmlock and remove it

- also remove the 2 screws on the tonearm lift mechanic

- remove the 2 screws on the whole tonearm plastic mechanic and remove it

thats it ...

- the Audiocords of the new Tonearm had to be put thru this hole ... thread them thru the hole and put on the new tonearm.

- reassamble the 2 screws of the tonearm

'This is a little bit tricky ... readjusting the Antiskating:
- Thread the cables thru the hole in THE MIDDLE of the plastic mechanic, when the mechanic is back in place the spring of the Antiskating had to point to the Tonearm "Lock" Lever when the Antiskating Adjustment is at ZERO! The Picture is a little bad, i will post another Picture in this Thread.
This is a little bit tricky but REALY important! If you do not set up the mechanic EXACTLY as shown on the Picture your antiskating will not work correctly!

- screw the whole Antiskatin tonearme mechanic with the two screws ... sometimes there are 3 screws.

- reesamble the Lock Mechanic by bolt down the two screws and reinstalling the washer / snap ring

- reinstalling the mechanic of the tonearmlift, this is a little bit tricky, please check its function BEFORE you are finished!

- Audiocord PCB

- solder the Audiocords, on the Picture you see a brown cable, this is sometime GREEN. It is absoulty important to do this CORECT!

- ... nearly finished

- New Audiocords

- cut of this far

- solder the audiocord

- soldering the groundwire, you can take this position or the old one ... doesent matter.

- cover setup. CAUTION, only 1 Position is corect ... check the Picture!

- cableclip ... watch the direction of the clip.

- cableclip cover

- finishing the audiocord

- soldering Audioplugs



greetings, kaype

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# 09.07.2008 - 13:38:21

For a little help here is a print of the wiring. New tonearms got a brown cable instead the green one.

greetings, kaype
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# 22.12.2008 - 17:11:17

This is incredibly handy, thanks mate! :D

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# 22.12.2008 - 20:27:58

 Zitat von kaype

please excuse my "bad" english... and correct me if anyting is such wrong that you cant live with.

:eek: what !?

:wildlachen: :D

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# 22.12.2008 - 20:46:13

Maybe i was drunk? :D

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# 22.12.2008 - 20:52:41

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# 26.02.2009 - 20:01:01

 Zitat von acid_roxx

maybe i`am stoned

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Chris Race
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# 12.09.2011 - 21:11:26

Very nice tutorial :yes: !

Although I only wanted to change the LEDs and build a LED-Lighting under the platter, I spent new audio cords to the baby, too ;) . You have to take the chance, if your TT stands absolutely naked in front of you ;).

But this strange cable clip on the metal plate is horrible: If I wouldn't know that it's the right way, I wouldn't do this bent to the poor cable ??? .

Anyway, it's done now - and I hope it will last for the at least the next 25 years :D .

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